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NCAP-X3 innovating encapsulation

NCAP-X3™ is our multifunctional encapsulator, a versatile and reliable tool for lab-scale production of polysaccharide-based microbeads and microcapsules.


While other encapsulation systems require manual preparation of reagent solutions, which can be challenging given the solubility requirements of most shell-forming polysaccharides, NCAP-X3 combines a proprietary dosing mechanism with a mechanical stirring system, for a hassle-free start to finish encapsulation process.  


  • Automatic feeding mechanism for dry ingredients

  • Mechanical stirring system with digital control

  • Multi-nozzle head with variable nozzle size

  • Self-priming droplet generation system with adjustable flow can process up to 100 mL/min

  • For both direct and inverse encapsulation

  • System can be rearranged for continuous production

  • Includes a 3-neck borosilicate glass reactor

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